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Business to On-line Business Contact Solutions

From: Website_Database
Subject: Business to On-line Business Contact Solutions
Date: Tue, 28 Nov 00 08:32:40 EST

Why not contact the premier Internet Business Data Center? 

You may have seen offers for bootlegged data we published 

years ago.  Consider contacting the only "true" source of

solution based Internet Business Data.  Located just outside 

the "Route 128" technology corridor in Boston, EVA, Inc. 

has established a bedrock of corporations, institutions and 

universities who continue to seek our data more than 5 years

running.  We can execute hi-volume e-mail campaigns. 

A 40 seat telemarketing center is at your disposal. Even Direct 

Postal mail can be delivered.

If you're a web hosting company, we can provide you with a 

customer list and contact info for any one or more of your 


Maybe you'd just like to merge Internet Business Data with 

your own corporate/contact database.

You might be an E-commerce company looking to reach 

young web sites in order to get accounts established early on.

It could be you need Internet Business data which you can 

publish on your directory or search site.

A site design firm could capitalize as well with the resources 

available to contact all web site owners.

If you have any product or service that includes web site owners 

as part of your target market, maybe we can help. We know an 

awful lot about them and we have since '94.

It's your call and your business, we're here for you.

Contact a representative today via voice or fax at 888-922-5967 

for a specialized price per thousand quote for the data and 

delivery services best suiting your company's individual needs.

John Powers

VP of Marketing

EVA, Inc.

The original source for Internet Business Data, 

Processing & Services 888-922-5967 Voice & Fax


This is a one time message. To continue with a subscription, contact a 

representative at 888-922-5967.


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