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From: m6n7b8
Date: 06 Apr 02 3:58:08 AM

Customized Websites for YOUR Business.  $2,795, BUT, if you respond NOW

Special Pre-Launch Package

Comparable features have been priced from
 $80,000 to $160,000

Call:  888.590.8705, for more information

The following is a list of most of the features we provide, but there are many 
more high-tech features included.  We will also be generating a flow of 
targeted traffic to your site for one year, FREE:

· Complete eCommerce Enabled Site, with Full "Shopping Cart" Features!
· Complete Custom Design using a wide variety of templates to fit the look and 
feel of your business that can grow with you!  You choose what you would like!
· FREE Monthly Submissions to 100's of popular Search Engines!
· 1 Year of FREE Domain Registration (.com, .net, .org)!
· 1 Year of FREE Hosting!
· FREE Pre-approved Credit Card processing - No Banking Applications Needed!
· FREE Upload of up to 15 products in formatted Stereoscopic 3-D!
· FREE Upload of up to 35 products in Conventional 2-D Imaging!
· FREE 3-D Fashion Glasses & Software System!
· FREE Listing in Destination Site!
· FREE 3D Image Links Back to Your Site!


Web Hosting Account Features:
· 100MB Disk Space                                      · CGI-BIN (Perl, C, C++)
· 10GB Monthly Transfer                         · SSL Enabled (128bit 
· 10 POP3 Email Accounts                                · FrontPage 2000 
· 10 Autoresponders                                     · Telnet Access
· Unlimited Aliasing                                    · Web Based Control 
· Unlimited Forwarding                          · Web Site Statistics
· 24 hour FTP Access                            · Search Engine Submission
· Active Server Pages (ASP)                             · 24x7 Customer Support

eCommerce Software Features:

Product management features include:
· Unlimited configurations and price adjustments        · Pricing "units"
· Unlimited per item fees or charges            · Weight/Size shipping support
· Unlimited volume pricing levels                       · Inventory tracking 
· Item image uploading/selection                        · Direct inventory 
tracking info
· Category and SubCategory support

Member/User features include:
· Member specific discounts                     · User specific message entry
· Member details and order history                      · User specific 
· Member "Shopping lists"                                       descriptions 
and bios
· Vendor permission and product entry settings  · WAP users support

Customizable sales features include:
· Current sale approval                         · Custom query invoice reporting
· Fulfillment and status entry                  · Custom query total sales
· Sales history reporting                               · Date specific total 
· Instant to date sales figures                 · Item and Vendor popularity 
Customizable page layout features include:
· Point and click front-end skin chooser                · Best selling item 
· Expandable item list displays                 · Page content positioning
· Banner advertisements                         · Label and title customization
· Logo/Image displays                           · Customized checkout form 
· Featured item selection                               · Checkout form field 
Other management features include:
· Custom referral tracking                      · SureShopping Assistant, your 
and payout calculation                  "concierge"
· Customizable state and country                · Customizable Merchant Console 
lists and tax rates                             Page"

Component based architecture provides many options for primary store behaviors  
  and functionality's including:
· Member based shopping                         · Pop-up product displays
· Global discounting and fees                   · Mail a Friend functionality
· Vendor and Drop Shipper settings                      · Font, layout, and 
color settings
· Product commenting                            · Inventory tracking
· Mailing list usage                                    · Search engine 
· New/Hot item identification                   · Shopping Cart Feature List

Search engine features include:
· Instant category searches                             · Result ordering 
schemes based 
· Sub-category search refining                          on price or title
· Full text searches performed on product               · Total matching 
results display 
titles, categories, subcategories,                      with dynamic paging
descriptions and details

UPS shipping features:
· Real-time shipping rates provided from UPS on a per product basis
· Shipping rates calculated from store zip code or Drop Shipper zip code where
· Support for package weight, length, width and height

Member features include:
· "My Account" page features total sales, visits, savings, and order history
· "Shopping List" allows members to save items for later purchasing
· Shopping cart items are "remembered" upon next visit if not purchased

Shopping environment:
· Shoppers can add/remove themselves from the mailing list
· Vendor and event lists provide quick access to products and notices
· Links to products can be sent vial email using Mail a Friend
· Members can post product comments
· Items can be purchased from pop-up or main browser windows
· Quantities can be adjusted via the shopping cart
· Items in QuickCart are accessible via pop-up display windows
· SSL encryption utilized for secure checkout and order processing
· Two step checkout process with confirmation screen
· Checkout forms "remember" member information
· Canceled orders are logged
· Post checkout redirect establishes new shopping session

Additional Features

Vendor Console features include:
· Unlimited configurations w/price adjustments  · Pricing "units"
· Unlimited per item fees or charges            · Weight/Size shipping support
· Unlimited volume pricing levels                       · Inventory tracking
· Item image uploading/selection                        · Complete integration 
· Category and SubCategory support                      front-end skin

Drop Shipper Console features include:
· Update order tracking numbers per             · View past shipments
product/invoice                         · Profile update
· Custom order status entry

Highlight Features
Discounting Features
Coupons & Discounts can be applied globally for all shoppers or specific to 
individual members & can be configured to be category, subcategory, or product 
specific. Multiple pricing configurations are also easily applied, including 
product attribute specific pricing.
Drop Shippers
Merchants can set up "Drop Shipper User Accounts" in their store which will 
send particular drop shipper notices for required product shipment upon 
checkout, this also allows the drop shipper to review the sale through a 
specialized Merchant Console built specifically for "Drop Shippers"

Form Fields
The checkout process includes customizable form fields, the merchant can choose 
which fields to display and/or require on each step of the checkout process. It 
also allows the merchant to add his or her own fields. The data from custom 
form fields is sent via email and logged with the sale.

Inventory Tracking
Merchants have the ability to track inventory "on the fly". Automatic 
notification of in and out of stock items. You can choose whether these items 
remain available or are "pulled" from your store when inventory hits zero. 
Mailing Lists are an optional feature, allowing the shopper to opt in or out of 
the merchant's mailing list. Through the merchant console merchants can view 
Total sales, with the ability to view which products/categories or 
subcategories are doing well/poorly. 
Page Layout Features
Pages can be organized in a variety of ways. Among your options: Featured items 
can be displayed, giving you the ability to choose which products to feature on 
individual pages. You can easily identify and promote your "Best Sellers" by 
pre-setting the threshold for the amount of a sale a specific product must have 
before it is considered a best seller.
Powerful Management & Design Features
The merchant console contains the "concierge" which gives the merchant quick 
and easy access to product lists, sku numbers, a link generator to assist in 
creating product pages or link-ins to specific products, categories, or 
Based on Windows 2000 Server technology and SQL Server 7.0 database 
architecture, SureShopping can handle thousands of transactions per second.
Credit card information is never stored on the web server. Your store is 
configured & managed securely through the "merchant console" which uses NTLM 
Authentication and SSL (where required) to provide the merchant with secure 
access to their management functions.

SureShopping SiteLINK
A unique feature in the merchant console loads a support and notices page into 
the console, notices for product upgrades, etc will be displayed as they 
Merchants have the ability to set up "Vendor User Accounts" in their store and 
adjust the vendor user rights, exposing the following features: Add a specific 
number of products to the database, adjust their profile, post events, track 
the sale of their products, inventory, etc.
· Skin Developer for Creating custom look & feel on the fly.
· Drag and Drop Product Layout Capability
· Additional Direct HTML Look & Feel Enhancements

Thank you for taking the time to consider this offer.


Marc Weicman,
RCC Enterprises
Call:  888.590.8705, 
for more information

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