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formatting Heimdal and KerberosIV documents

From: Rich Morin
Subject: formatting Heimdal and KerberosIV documents
Date: Wed, 30 Jan 2002 17:42:55 -0800

The directories /usr/src/crypto/{heimdal,kerberosIV) on my FreeBSD 4.2
system contain piles of Texinfo and related files, as:

% ls             intro.texi              setup.texi             kerberos4.texi          standardisation/
ack.texi                latin1.tex              whatis.texi
heimdal.texi            layman.asc              win2k.texi
init-creds              mdate-sh*
install.texi            misc.texi

I'd like to format these up into PostScript, but I find myself baffled
by a twisty maze of formatting programs.  Looking at the info file for
texinfo, it appears that texi2dvi is the appropriate tool.  So, I went
and grabbed the texinfo distribution, via the FreeBSD Ports Collection.
Unfortunately, although it doesn't seem to contain texi2dvi.  Sigh.

It does, however, have texi2dvi4a2ps, which looks rather promising.  I
tried running this against the list of files given in the makefile, but
it just hangs.  Is there a simple recipe I can follow to print these,
or am I just going to wander around until I get eaten by the wumpus?

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