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Re: [Fwd: Texinfo, A4 paper, double-sided, margins]

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Texinfo, A4 paper, double-sided, margins]
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 09:25:55 -0500

    So here is my question: How do I do that? What shall I modify in
    texinfo.tex to get what I want to have?

0. Unfortunately the problem is not simple, because TeX's page layout
   parameters are arcane :(.

1. The purpose of @afourlatex is (I believe) to replicate what the a4
   option in LaTeX does.  LaTeX (at one point anyway) had notoriously
   wide margins.  So those values might be a "feature".  (I did not
   invent the command.)

2. Unfortunately I have no way to test this stuff, all I can do is put
   in the numbers people tell me.

3. As the documentation for \internalpagesizes says, its parameters are:

 1) textheight; 2) textwidth; 3) voffset; 4) hoffset; 5) binding offset;
 6) topskip.  

Let's consider the top/bottom margins first.  If the total height of the
paper is 297mm, and you want 20mm at the top and bottom, that leaves
257mm for the text.  So that's the first argument.

TeX has a default of a 1 inch top (and left) margin.  So, to have a 20mm
top margin, we need to "offset" it by -5.4mm.  So that's the third argument.

Now for the left/right margins.  The width of the paper is 210mm.  You
have 20mm at left and right.  So that leaves 170mm for the text.  That's
the second argument.

TeX has a default of a 1inch left margin.  So to have a 20mm left
margin, we need to offset it by -5.4mm.  That's the fourth arg.

The fifth arg (\bindingoffset) is when you want even and odd pages to be
different.  You don't.  So use {0mm}.

The sixth arg (\topskip) is the space between the headline and the
text.  You don't say what you want for that.  Perhaps something like 10mm.

So, we end up with this:

Can you try that?

If you find the right values, let me know and I will change texinfo.tex.

Also, if you could print out a LaTeX document in a4 format and find what
its margins are, and apply the same logic, I'd like to fix @afourlatex too...


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