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Texinfo A4 double-sided with fluctuating margin (odd and even pages), h

From: Daniel Tourde
Subject: Texinfo A4 double-sided with fluctuating margin (odd and even pages), how to make it work....
Date: Thu, 28 Mar 2002 16:48:01 +0100


After having fought hours again texinfo.tex to generate the manual of
emacs in A4 double sided without success, here are the results of my

Everything is based on \internalpagesizes. its parameters being:

 1) textheight; 2) textwidth; 3) voffset; 4) hoffset; 5) binding offset;
 6) topskip.  

I wanted a document with 15mm of margin on the left and on the right
with 5mm of binding offset (so: 15-20 or 20-15 mm for the left and right
margins), with 20mm on the top and on the bottom of the pages and 10mm
between the header of the page and the core of the manual.

I replaced in the texinfo.tex file in the @afourpaper section, the
definition of the internalpagesizes by the following one:


297-20-20-10 = 247

considering that the offset are calculated from the original left and
top margin (1 inch = 25.4mm)
25.4-7.9=17.5 but 17.5-2.5 = 15 and 17.5+2.5=20 (the binding offset is
added and removed)

This is not perfect and is probably perfectible, the top and bottom
margin are not exactly the right ones but they correspond more or less
to what I wanted... and it is not standard but I think it is a rather
good beginning and it fullfilled my wishes.

One last point:
to generate a .ps from a .texi:
texi2dvi xxx.texi -o xxx.dvi
dvips xxx.dvi -o

To generate a .pdf from a .texi:
texi2dvi -p xxx.texi -o xxx.pdf

DO NOT USE dvipdf!!! It does not work well and screw up the dimensions
of the document (it might be a problem of configuration of Latex (letter
instead of A4 or something like this...).


Daniel TOURDE                             E-mail : address@hidden
                                             Tel : +46 (0)8-55 50 43 44
                                        Cellular :  +46 (0)70-849 93 40
   FOI, Swedish Defence Research Agency; Aeronautics Division - FFA
       Dept. of Wind Energy and Aviation Environmental Research
SE-172 90 Stockholm, Sweden                     Fax : +46 (0)8-25 34 81

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