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[Info] Get more from the command line

From: David Forrest
Subject: [Info] Get more from the command line
Date: Wed, 10 Apr 2002 02:40:53 -0400 (EDT)

I think what Harry Putnam address@hidden was wanting was for

   info --output=-  --usage Standalone
# to give the output of:
   info --output=-  Standalone Invoking

>From this thread I just figured out that this was what I wanted rather
than the tutorial I got when I did what I thought was the obvious:

   info info

It might be nice for the tutorial to tell people that

   info Standalone

might be more what they want.

There are a number of mystifying things about info (the combination of
dir files for example) that I still find hard to figure out, but
'info Standalone' gets me a lot closer.

Is there a command in /usr/bin/info that tells you what file you are
looking at, similar to the '=' command in lynx?  /usr/bin/info shows the
filename and node you are looking at, but it would be nice if it told you
exactly what you are looking at.  The INFOPATH can be quite long, and the
location of what you are reading can be difficult to discover.

$ info --version
info (GNU texinfo) 4.0b

on a redhat 7.x

Thanks for the programs,
 Dave Forrest                                   address@hidden
 (434)296-7283h 924-3954w

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