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Re: on using `makeinfo --no-split' to solve filename conflicts

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: on using `makeinfo --no-split' to solve filename conflicts
Date: Thu, 13 Feb 2003 09:34:28 -0500

Hi Alexandre,

    I guess the point is to bound memory usage?  


    Still, 50kb seems a rather low threshold today.

Yes, although I think it does no harm.

    Would you have any advice against the use of 
    `makeinfo --no-split' in a project like Automake,
    where the manual is rather small?

I think using --no-split would be fine.

    What else could I do so these files do not conflict on system
    like DJGPP, with 8+3 filenames?

This problem must have been solved in general long ago, right?
I don't think automake needs to do anything special in this regard.
As far as I know the DOS people have to rename the files to be things
like automake.i1 ... Eli?

    (Striping the `.info' extension, as done in Texinfo, obviously isn't

That's done to avoid problems on the old 14-character sysv filesystems
(irrelevant these days I would guess), not to fix 8.3 clashes, since (as
you say), it doesn't :).


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