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RE: on using `makeinfo --no-split' to solve filename conflicts

From: Zaretskii Eli
Subject: RE: on using `makeinfo --no-split' to solve filename conflicts
Date: Sun, 16 Feb 2003 09:04:55 +0200

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> From: Alexandre Duret-Lutz [mailto:address@hidden 
> Sent: Friday, February 14, 2003 10:40 PM
>  >> What else could I do so these files do not conflict on system
>  >> like DJGPP, with 8+3 filenames?
>  Zaretskii> When `makeinfo' runs on a 8+3 filesystem, it automatically
>  Zaretskii> produces automake.i1, automake.i2, etc. instead 
> of*
>  Zaretskii> files.  If you need to do this on Windows, set 
> LFN=n in the
>  Zaretskii> environment before running `makeinfo'.
> Ok, but I'm not really concerned by what the DJGPP port of
> makeinfo does when it runs [*], since most autoconfiscated
> projects ship with info files already built.
> For instance 
> comes with,,, etc.
> What happens when you unpack this tarball?  Does tar
> automatically renames these files?

If you unpack with DJTAR, a program supplied with DJGPP, it will
indeed rename the files.

> [*] By the bye, I note that the behavior you describe breaks the
> Automake rules that distribute and install and
>*.  Should these rules be fixed to also distribute and
> install foo.i* files, or would this causes trouble on other
> platforms?

The rules should be fixed, yes.

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