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Re: History

From: Colin JN Breame
Subject: Re: History
Date: Wed, 26 Mar 2003 04:22:47 +0000

On 2003.03.25 13:45 Robert J. Chassell wrote:
   I was wondering whether anyone could tell me if info records the
   pages that have been visited (during just one session)?  e.g. does
   allow the user to go back or visit the previous node?

In an Info buffer in GNU Emacs, please type `C-h b'
(describe-bindings).  Look down the list.  You will not find anything
with `history' in its name, but you will find

    key             binding
    ---             -------

   ...                ....

    l               Info-last

That command has a suggestive name.

Type `C-h f' (describe-function) with point over the `Info-last'
command.  That action will lead to a description of the command:

    Go back to the last node visited.

This tells you that this keybinding gives you at least one step of
history.  Does it provide more than one?

In Info, you can try out the command.

If you have already visited several nodes, you will find that `l'
indeed takes you back.

Also, you can read the function definition to see how it works -- that
understanding also tells you that the command allows you to visit
previous nodes you have already visited.

To get to the function definition, you can look in the *Help* buffer
at the top line, which says

    Info-last is an interactive compiled Lisp function in `info'.

Place point over the word `info' and either click on it with the
middle mouse button or press RET.  This will take you to the function
definition of the command in the info.el file.

That tells how the `Info-last' command works.  Moreover, when you read
that definition, you will see a variable called `Info-history'.

If you look at the variable definition of `Info-history' (which you
can reach most easily using the `M-.' (find-tag) command), you will
see this:

    (defvar Info-history nil
      "List of info nodes user has visited.
    Each element of list is a list (FILENAME NODENAME BUFFERPOS).")

which explains why the history lasts only for one session, why you can
changes manuals, and why you go back to the same position in a node
that you were before.

    Robert J. Chassell                         Rattlesnake Enterprises                  GnuPG Key ID: 004B4AC8                             address@hidden


Thanks for your reply.

It seems that 'l' does indeed move back in the Info-history list (hooray!). Although 'C-h b' does not show the describe-bindings page, it does invoke the Basic Commands window.

Also, is there a function that moves forward in the Info-history list? Is it possible to invoke an arbitrary command?


btw. I am using:
info (GNU texinfo) 4.3

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