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Re: @documentencoding, `makeinfo --enable-encoding' and texi2dvi(was: An

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: @documentencoding, `makeinfo --enable-encoding' and texi2dvi(was: An accented i)
Date: Tue, 8 Apr 2003 12:05:24 -0400

Hello Reiner and all,

    Does it make sense to include the following immediately before @bye:

    Local Variables:
    coding: iso-latin-1
    @end example
    @end ifinfo

I don't think it should be done in the Texinfo source file.  For one
thing, if the Info output is split, it won't end up in every split .info
file that way.

Instead, if this is the right thing to do (I defer to the Emacs i18n
experts in the crowd ... Eli?), it will be easy to change makeinfo to
automatically output it at the end of every file, based on the
@documentencoding value (and if --enable-encoding is specified, I

    BTW, --enable-encoding isn't mentioned in the texinfo manual (Edition
    4.0 of the Texinfo manual, updated 28 September 1999).
It didn't exist in 4.0.  The current version is 4.5, and it's there
(minimally).  I added the cross-reference, thanks for the suggestion.

    \input latin1.tex
    @end tex

You'd also need \globaldefs=1 in there.  @tex material is read inside a group.

    @c With latin1.tex e.g. from

Very interesting.  That actually looks like it would be fairly easy to
integrate into texinfo.tex, to be used if the document has
@documentencoding ISO-8859-1
I will work on that.

Thanks very much.

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