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[help-texinfo] wrong xml output

From: Ferenc Wagner
Subject: [help-texinfo] wrong xml output
Date: Mon, 23 Feb 2004 21:13:04 +0100
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Working with version 4.6 from Debian unstable,
makeinfo --xml produced the following structure:

   <title>See also

Internals: <internalsref href="NoteEvent">NoteEvent</internalsref>
<indexterm index="cp">NoteEvent</indexterm>, and <internalsref 
<indexterm index="cp">NoteHead</indexterm>.
   <nodename>Chromatic alterations</nodename>

which has a <heading> ... </node> start-end mismatch.  The
source is a rather convoluted and long piece of art.  I
couldn't reproduce the same problem with a short input file
with reasonable effort, so decided to ask if the above rings
any bells before furhter struggling.  Can you prehaps
recommend some place to look at?  I compiled texinfo myself,
but don't know much about the system.  The sources are
available at <>,
the master file is lilypond.texi.
Thanks for your attention,

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