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[help-texinfo] strange behavior of @contents

From: Oliver Beck
Subject: [help-texinfo] strange behavior of @contents
Date: Mon, 8 Nov 2004 08:05:55 +0100

Hi folks,

when I insert an @contents (after @end titlepage or at the end of a
document) texi2dvi exited with a bad status. Logs can be found under
[1]. The resulting PDF contains a almost blank page after the contents
with only three chars "sec". [2] The DVI looks fine. 

When i comment out @contents all goes fine.

The .texi (with "@contents" at line 23) can be find at [3]

[1] 3,3Kb
[2]    114,7Kb 
[3]    10,8Kb

Mit freundlichen Gruessen/Best Regards Oliver Beck

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