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[help-texinfo] Re: Setting human languag for makeinfo

From: Torsten Bronger
Subject: [help-texinfo] Re: Setting human languag for makeinfo
Date: Fri, 08 Apr 2005 13:26:14 +0200
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address@hidden (Karl Berry) writes:

>     LANG=de ; makeinfo --html ...
>     However, this doesn't seem to work anymore.  
> If it doesn't, that change was definitely not intentional.  (I
> don't recall any changes in this area.)

The reason had nothing to do with makeinfo itself, but with the fact
that I had problems with building it.  With the official 4.8
release, I don't encounter any problems in this respect.

I got the CVS version and called "bootstrap", then configure with
"--enable-maintainer-mode".  However, "make" doesn't make those
*.gmo files that are apparently necessary for the translation.  I
see no error messages, only with "make install".

I have autoconf 2.59 and automake 1.9.1.  Are these versions too
old?  (On the other hand, I remember Texinfo used to complain if
these programms were too old.)


Torsten Bronger, aquisgrana, europa vetus

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