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Re: [help-texinfo] Re: texinfo.xsl not working

From: Alper Ersoy
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] Re: texinfo.xsl not working
Date: Thu, 2 Jun 2005 09:25:51 +0300
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Le grand pinguin:
> There are two possibilities: either output xml files per chapter/section etc.
> and create a master document that uses xml:includes or create one large xml
> and let the stylesheet do the chunking (the later seems to be easier since it
> only requires small changes in the stylesheet).

Letting the stylesheet do the chunking seems to be the way to go,
otherwise internal and external references can be a pain with time.

> >     I really don't think there's a place for all theses special entities
> >     that duplicate characters easily available in ISO-8859-1 and
> >     Unicode.

> > As I recall, it simplifies the makeinfo code to output the entity names.

> As opposed to writing 8-bit chars? 

Well, I would say, instead of using entites that are defined only in
the DTD, we can write unicode numbers (ie. &#NUMBER; format) and keep
the output 7-bit.  Provides multi-lingual documents, and drops the
necessity of carrying the DTD file around for proper expansion.

Though if we go this way, we'll have to use elements for entities such
as &TeX; and &LaTeX; (ie. <TeX/> and <LateX/>.)

> > However, in practice, some bits are lost.  Anything in the
> > @titlepage environment, for one;

Karl, is that still so?  I thought I worked on that ...

> Thanks for pointing this out: i'll have a lok at the makeinfo code as soon
> as i find some time - i'll send some stylesheet patches first.

Before starting, would you like me to do the change above? (Numeric


Alper Ersoy

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