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Re: [help-texinfo] diacritical marks in @ commands

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] diacritical marks in @ commands
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2005 08:55:25 -0400

Hi Robert,

    which is rendered by makeinfo as
     - declaraci: ^@'on MAINVAR

That looks to be a problem in the @def... parsing; perhaps it is
assuming that no command can appear in the variable (or whatever) name.

By any chance, does it help to put braces around it, as in 
  @defvr {declaraci@'on} MAINVAR

I just tried a small test and that seemed to keep it together.
I expect the documentation is unclear on this point, will look at that.

    I find that @node and @section are
    similarly confused (string broken before @' or other special character).

Accent commands should be ok in @section.  Please send example.

@node is another issue, though.  @ commands are not supported in node
names.  However, makeinfo has a somewhat flaky option
--commands-in-node-names which makes it work in a few cases.  Maybe
it'll be enough to help in yours.  (Whether it will work at all in TeX,
I don't know.)
    The accent is shown as a separate character instead of being
    combined with the i as a single character.

If you want real 8-bit iso-8859-15 (or whatever) Info output, instead of
7-bit ASCII, then (1) give the --enable-encoding option to makeinfo, and
(2) add a line like this after @setfilename: @documentencoding

If you're already doing these things and it's not working, please send
me the document and the makeinfo command line and I'll try to look.

Hope this helps.  Thanks for your interest in Texinfo -- multilingual
support remains sadly lacking, so kudos for working around its
limitations.  What document are you writing?  (Just curious.)

Best regards,

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