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Re: [help-texinfo] Overloading function defs inside and across languages

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] Overloading function defs inside and across languages
Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2005 11:46:52 -0600

Hi Jean-Louis,

    I need to document a library that exists in C++, Java and Perl. 

What is the library?  (Just curious.)

    Furthermore, 'ID' in this example is not a real type, 

So I suppose @var{id} would be the way to describe it in the Texinfo source.

    I have looked at the @defmethod and @deftypemethod commands, but how
    do I deal with overloading?

Does something special need to be done?  How about just writing out the
different definitions?

    And what will the index look like? Ideally
    it would be something like:

             insert, C++ 49,50    (the two entries are on different pages)
             insert, Perl 89      (they fit on the same page)

I'm not too sure about how to get the "C++" and "Perl" in the TeX index.
TeX (really texindex) will collapse multiple entries on the same page to
one, but

In the info/html index, the node name will be included in the entry, as in:
* insert <1>:    Perl xyz.  (line  99)
* insert:        Perl xyz.  (line 200)

    Looking for inspiration, I searched for a texinfo doc of the standard
    C++ library (specifically templates like vector<>), but didn't find

How about the libstdc++, iostream, or even the old libg++ libraries?
Hopefully in the GCC source distribution, although I haven't checked.

    any. And by the same token I'd like to find texinfo samples for OO
    code written in Perl and Java, and docs that encompass several

Regarding Java, check the GNU Classpath project.

In general, discussing such things in the manual would be great, but I
don't know the best way to handle them; I can't remember these issues
coming up before.  If you can send new text and examples to improve the
manual, that would be great.

I imagine that you might find that some changes to the Texinfo language
itself would help your manual considerably.  Please let me know and we
can discuss ...

Sorry I don't have any quick answers.


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