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[help-texinfo] Numbering of chapters and sections

From: Hynek Hanke
Subject: [help-texinfo] Numbering of chapters and sections
Date: Sat, 11 Mar 2006 20:44:34 +0100


I'd like to ask a couple of questions about the numbering of chapters
and sections. I have a document and I need to have the chapters numbered
by letters for several reasons.

I don't know, if it is possible to do this automatically? I didn't
find how to do it, so I used the @unnumbered command instead of
@chapter. But now when I write @section inside the @unnumbered, it too
is without any number -- at least in .info and TeX output formats (which
IMHO contradicts texinfo documentation). But I'd like the sections to
be numbered as usually (automatic, numbers).

I would like this

@unnumbered Part A
@section my-sec
@subsection my-subsec
@section my-secc

to produce
        Part A
                1 my-sec
                        1.1 my-subsec
                2 my-secc
you understand.

How could I please do it?

Thank you,
Hynek Hanke

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