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[help-texinfo] Question on GNU BFD Documentation

From: Chris Miller
Subject: [help-texinfo] Question on GNU BFD Documentation
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 2006 18:12:30 -0700

***Sorry, guys.  I had Steve Chamberlain still on the beginning of this
e-mail when I sent it to you.***

Sorry to bother you, but I've run into a problem generating BFD
documentation from FSF sources that I can't solve.

I'm working to produce docs for the GNU 3.2.2 toolchain.

In the . . . /src/bfd/doc directory, there are the following texi files:


To create PostScript from texi source, the guidelines I have say to enter
the following:

     tex <filename>.texi
     texindex <filename>.??
     tex <filename>.texi
     dvips <filename>.dvi -o <filename>.ps

So, as a first step, I enter the following:

     tex bfd.texinfo

An approach like this has worked in comparable directories.  Here, though,
the  system tells me that it can't find the following files: bfdt.texi,
bfdio.texi, init.texi, section.texi, syms.texi, archive.texi, format.texi,
reloc.texi, core.texi, targets.texi, archures.texi, opncls.texi,
libbfd.texi, cache.texi, linker.texi, hash.texi, aoutx.texi, coffcode.texi,
elf.texi, and mmo.texi.  A search of 3.2.2 doesn't find any of these files.

The system also tells me that it can't find the following cross-references:
Sections-snt, Sections-pg, Relocations-snt, Relocations-pg, Symbols-snt, and

Can you help me identify what I'm doing incorrectly?  Is there a preparatory
step I'm missing that generates these files?

Thanks for your help,

Chris Miller
Technical Publications
LynuxWorks, Inc.

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