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[help-texinfo] Some problems when converting texinfo to text

From: Nicolas Maufrais
Subject: [help-texinfo] Some problems when converting texinfo to text
Date: Fri, 17 Nov 2006 20:42:54 +0100
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I noticed some problems in a text file made with makeinfo using this
makeinfo --plaintext --no-headers cinelerra.texi -o cinelerra.txt

Here are the problems I noticed:
1 - Double spaces after the end of each end of sentence in the texinfo
file are copied into the text file. I don't think that's normal. In
other outputs (pdf, html, docbook), those 2 spaces are replaced by 1
space. The behaviour is therefore different depending of the output
2 - Blank lines are also copied straight into the text file. In my
opinion, that shouldn't the case. If I want to start a sentence on a new
line I have to add a blank line in texinfo. That's how it works for pdf,
html, docbook. For those output formats, there isn't any blank line
3 - When I insert an image in the texinfo file, the contents of the
corresponding image.txt is inserted into the text output. However, what
is *really* inserted into the text output depends of the way you
inserted your image in the texinfo file. If you insert the image on its
own line in the texinfo file, *only* the contents of the image.txt will
be copied on its line:

Contents of image.txt

That's different if the image is inserted in the middle of a sentence.
In such a case, the contents of the image.txt file is inserted between [
and ]:

this is a sentence[Contents of image.txt
] end of sentence

Moreover, the ] is written on a new line.

Am I doing something wrong here, or are those bugs?

Thank you.
Nicolas Maufrais.


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