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Re: [help-texinfo] Changing fonts (default one doesn't support accents)

From: Nicolas Maufrais
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] Changing fonts (default one doesn't support accents)
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 13:53:37 +0100
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On Sat, Dec 16, 2006 at 07:58:26PM -0600, Karl Berry wrote:
> Hi Nicolas,
>     > >The text file is ISO-8859-15. I don't use the texinfo commands, because
>     > >that makes the texfile almost unreadable. It's written in French, and
>     > >there're a ton of accents.
> I believe the latest will get you close to
> the right output (as well as Computer Modern can do) for
> @documentencoding ISO-8859-15
> I just integrated Paulo's patch for that.  (And -1 and -2.  UTF-8 coming
> soon, thanks to Werner and Oleg.)

I just downloaded the new texinfo.tex file.

> *However*:
> 1) hyphenation will be incorrect.  To get that right, you have to run a
>    version of TeX with the French hyphenation patterns as the default,
>    or otherwise arrange for it to happen.  And even then, accented words
>    will not be hyphenated :(.

OK. I'll have a closer look at this. I'm not sure that is that important

> 2) I doubt the pre-accented letters can be used in node names.  The only
>    way I have heard of people successfully doing that is to use the
>    Texinfo commands (@'e) and then use makeinfo --commands-in-node-names.

There was a node with an accent. I can't use the
--commands-in-node-names command, since I use this:
texi2pdf -q --pdf cinelerra_cv_manual_fr.texi

> 3) Another possibility is to use texi2dvi --recode to run the recode
>    program to conver the input from the @documentencoding to Texinfo.
>    I'm not sure how well it works.  If you try it, I'm interested to hear.

I can't use that option either.

I use texi2pdf because it makes links in the pdf file.

> 3) Better support for encodings and fonts has been mostly written
>    (thanks to Oleg) but is not complete, and probably won't be
>    finished and integrated before next summer.

Thanks Oleg!

For the moment, the pdf file is made, but there're still "some"
problems. The first 10 pages contains stuff like this:

propos de Cinelerra-title`A propos Cinelerra
propos de Cinelerra-title propos de Cinelerra-sntSection 1.1
propos de Cinelerra-snt propos de Cinelerra-pg1
propos de Cinelerra-pg propos de ce manuel-title`A propos de ce manuel
propos de ce manuel-title propos de ce manuel-sntSection 1.3
propos de ce manuel-snt propos de ce manuel-pg2
propos de ce manuel-pg requis matŽeriels-titlePrŽerequis matŽeriels
requis matŽeriels-title requis matŽeriels-sntSection 2.1
requis matŽeriels-snt requis matŽeriels-pg3
requis matŽeriels-pg requis logiciels-titlePrŽerequis logiciels
requis logiciels-title requis logiciels-sntSection 2.2
requis logiciels-snt requis logiciels-pg4
requis logiciels-pg bogage-titleCompiler avec les symboles de dŽebogage
bogage-title bogage-sntSection 2.4.2
bogage-snt bogage-pg6
bogage-pg requis pour Debian-titlePrŽerequis pour Debian
requis pour Debian-title requis pour Debian-sntSection 2.6.2
requis pour Debian-snt requis pour Debian-pg7
requis pour Debian-pg o-s

The rest of the pdf seems ok.



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