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[help-texinfo] descriptive.texi @node iso-8859-1

From: Jorge Barros de Abreu
Subject: [help-texinfo] descriptive.texi @node iso-8859-1
Date: Sun, 14 Jan 2007 08:24:57 -0200
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Hi Robert.

In descriptive.texi (wrong) if:

* address@hidden@~oes para estatistica descritiva::
@end menu

the output from texi2dvi is OK. But if the line is changed
 ( the correct form) to:

* address@hidden@~oes para estat@'istica descritiva::
@end menu

texi2dvi not work and the maxima.pdf output is generated but the indexes in 
this file are broken. The correct maxma.pdf have 760 pages and the generated 
file with indexes broken have 736 pages.

I am working for now with the wrong form.

It occurs also with stringproc.texi.

Can you help me for use the correct form (estat@'istica) ?

This opportunity also can be used to clean maxima.log output file from 
texi2dvi command. If there is something that i can make to clean this file 
please tell to me.

The maxima.log generated on my machine is attached in this message.


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