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[help-texinfo] Re: Still some problems with the latest CVS version of ma

From: Karl Berry
Subject: [help-texinfo] Re: Still some problems with the latest CVS version of makeinfo
Date: Sun, 21 Jan 2007 19:10:17 -0600

(Per, please see docbook question about unnumbered chapters in case you
have any insights there; you don't need to bother with the rest.)

    I modified the test case, which you can download here:

Finally had a chance to get back to this.  Sorry for the delay (and the
not-very-helpful answers, as you'll see).

    - an error message appear when you click on a "accented" node name
    in a menu
    - an error message appear when you click on a link to an "accented" node
      name (xref command)

Regrettably, I get no error message in these cases, using yelp 2.6.4 on
Red Hat (WS 4.1), so I'm at a loss to debug it.  What does the error
message say?  Can you trace it to a particular element in the docbook

    - not all the chapters appear in the left panel of yelp (it should
      contains a tree of the sections)

In the test document, the @top and second @chapter had no title
specified.   If you add some words, I expect they'll show up in the left
panel.  As in:

@top toptest
@chapter chap2

They are actually present now (for me), they just appear as blank lines
in yelp's left-hand panel.  But when I click on the blank line, I get
to the appropriate place.

    - the chapter numbers in the xrefs links aren't the good one. 

Indeed, yelp is apparently counting the Top node as chapter one, and
also apparently counts any @unnumbered chapter as unnumbered.

makeinfo is outputting a label for numbered chapters, and no label for
unnumbered ones, as in:

  <chapter label="" xreflabel="t0" id="Top">
  <chapter label="1" id="accents-test-space-àéîôù">

I poked around a little, but don't know if there is a better way to
represent unnumbered chapters in Docbook.  Help?

Meanwhile, the book on Docbook says
the following, which seems to state that yelp should be using the labels
output by makeinfo instead of renumbering on its own:
    Generally, an explicit Label attribute is used only if the
    processing system is incapable of generating the label
    automatically. If present, the Label is normative; it will used even
    if the processing system is capable of automatic labelling.

I didn't try to find the reference in the actual standard.


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