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[help-texinfo] text from xtide to eps

From: Eric Nichols
Subject: [help-texinfo] text from xtide to eps
Date: Wed, 7 Nov 2007 12:21:45 -1000

Just keeping you up to date on my progress.

By specifying -f filename with pcal, pcal will parse the file for
event entries like:
11/06/2007 image:xtide.eps 1 1 -6 -790

The numbers are scale and offset.

The xtide.eps was created from xtide.tex:

% LaTeX incantation by XTide.
% Run this file through pdflatex to get a PDF.

\oddsidemargin -20.000000mm
\topmargin -22.000000mm
\headheight 0mm
\headsep 0mm
\textheight 20.000000mm
\textwidth 35.000000mm
\parindent 0mm
\tabcolsep 0mm

\pdfpagewidth 35.000000mm
\pdfpageheight 25.000000mm
\pdfcompresslevel 9

\textbf{Day} & \textbf{\raisebox{1mm}{High}}\\\hline
\textbf{Mon 01} & 5:36 AM HST\\\hline
\textbf{Tue 02} & 6:16 AM HST\\\hline


Then ran it through:

texi2dvi xtide.tex "creates xtide.dvi"
dvips -E xtide.dvi "-E creates as an eps"
rename it to .eps

The plan is to add color, change font size and change the layout of
the xtide produced tex file.


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