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[help-texinfo] Re: subversion manual in texinfo

From: reader
Subject: [help-texinfo] Re: subversion manual in texinfo
Date: Wed, 16 Jan 2008 17:06:50 -0600
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address@hidden (Karl Berry) writes:

> I was under the impression that docbook2texi did a reasonable job these
> days.  I've never actually tried it, though.

Karl, can you say where that impression comes from?

I'm not familiar with docbook or texinfo enough to understand the mess
I run into attempting it.

  Running docbook2texi against one of xml files that make up the
  subversion manual like this:
  docbook2texi ch02-basic-usage.xml

Just about every line of the src seems to produce lines similar to:
  ch02-basic-usage.xml:3847: parser error : 
     Entity 'nbsp' not defined

or further along

    element not matched by any template

and a zero length *.texi file at the end.

Just on the surface it appears to need someone much more conversant in
both processes to figure out.  So I guess its safe to say:
  not for beginners...

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