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[help-texinfo] texi2dvi is does not see existing file in /tmp/.../xtr

From: Mirko Vukovic
Subject: [help-texinfo] texi2dvi is does not see existing file in /tmp/.../xtr
Date: Sun, 17 Feb 2008 10:52:18 -0500


I am creating the documentation for the lisp cffi package using the routine.  I am running on windows XP-PRO with MikTeX and
cygwin.  All the distributions are current. is invoking texi2dvi on a texinfo manual.  I get an error
message that pdfTeX cannot find a file
/tmp/t2d7648/xtr/cffi-manual.texinfo.  But the file is there with the
persmissions by user, group, other to read.

On the error prompt to type in a new file name, I tried re-entering
the existing file but that, of course, did not change matters.

What am I missing?

Thank you very much


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