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[help-texinfo] Unable to find makeinfo

From: Andrew DePalma
Subject: [help-texinfo] Unable to find makeinfo
Date: Sat, 25 Jul 2009 15:00:23 -0500


I have taken upon myself the daunting task of attempting to build
Linux from Scratch (LFS 6.4) on Ubuntu 8.04 installed to hard drive
as the host system.

To be able to do this, LFS requires that makeinfo be installed. The
instructions state that texinfo must be installed just so makeinfo is
avaiable. Ubunbtu 8.04 does not have texinfo installed by default
so i downloaded and installed texinfo-4.13.

The installation seemed to go through without any problems, however
makeinfo does not seem to be anywhere in the whole file system,
except as a sub-directory underneath texinfo-4.13 directory. But this
makeinfo directory contains no executable files that i can see.
I've searched the texinfo sources and Google for anything that might
tell me why, or how to compile it.

If you can give me any information that would resolve this issue,
it would be much apreciated. If there is any other information you
need, let me know. Thank you.


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