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Re: [help-texinfo] When makeinfo replaced with texi2html?

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] When makeinfo replaced with texi2html?
Date: Sun, 27 Feb 2011 13:43:35 +0100
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On Sun, Feb 27, 2011 at 11:31:46AM +0000, Oleksandr Gavenko wrote:
> Is C sources frozen and development under texi2html?

C sources are indeed frozen, and texi2html is incorporated in texinfo.
But texi2html development is also frozen, as a new implementation (also
in perl) is being developped with a completly new (and much better) design,
with a Parser that converts a texinfo document to a tree and the Converters
that walk the tree and output the result.  The corresponding code is in the 
tp/ directory in the texinfo cvs.  Right now the Parser is done, and the Info 
and Plaintext converters are also more or less done (though currently 
being tested using the extensive test suite that comes with texi2html).
Other converters still need to be done.


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