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Re: [help-texinfo] Default Indentation / Spacing

From: smc
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] Default Indentation / Spacing
Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 04:26:09 +0100

2011/4/25, Chris Jones <address@hidden>:
> Karl,
> I don't know why you keep munging other folk's contributions by removing
> the quoting. Apart from making threads difficult to read for all
> subscribers, I would like to inform you that this attitude goes against
> the basic rules of courtesy and could arguably be regarded as dishonest,
> or even unlawful since the material you are quoting is no longer marked
> as such.

Please, consider that Karl uses an old and credited style of quoting messages
by indenting the text and removing the excess of marks.  It is a very
clean style
and is present in a few cite Emacs packages for decades.  This is not what I
use, but I can read perfectly the thread.

> Should you persist in your peculiar ways and continue ignoring our
> requests, I shall have no other option but unsubscribe from this list.

As I can see, the requests from users are about technical issues and Karl
always responds.  But Texinfo is, by design, a relatively simple language and
not intended to replace TeX, a much more full-featured system.  But we can
take advantage of the simplicity of Texinfo and add and pass to the
documents some TeX constructs.  I am preparing a few Texinfo templates
for paper books that soon will be at the page.

Peace and loving hacking!!

> Regards,
> Chris Jones.


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