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Re: [help-texinfo] UML Diagram Image

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] UML Diagram Image
Date: Wed, 4 May 2011 22:53:32 GMT


And the file is ../Images/AresEngine/Gooey.pdf?
It works for me.  There shouldn't be any problem with such paths.  As
long as they don't contain spaces.

1) You could try removing the quotes, although it works for me with or
without the quotes.  Hmm.

2) If you don't have the current texinfo.tex
(, be sure to grab that.
Although there haven't been any changes in this area in ages. Hmm.

3) If you have the TEXINPUTS or other TeX-related environment variable
set, that could be interfering (though it shouldn't).

4) Try running  env openin_any=a pdftex doc.texi  ... maybe your system
was paranoid about the openin_any setting.  (It is "a" for any in the
default TeX Live, but who knows what distros do.)

5) Not to ask the obvious, but you are running pdftex in the right
directory to make the relative path resolve :)?


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