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Re: [help-texinfo] Indenting a block of text

From: Andreas Falkenhahn
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] Indenting a block of text
Date: Sun, 13 Nov 2011 12:42:55 +0100

On 13.11.2011 at 00:57 address@hidden wrote:

>This is a line of normal text.
>         This is a block of indented text.
>         This is a block of indented text.
>    This is a line of normal text.
>From this sample, I'm not sure what you want.  If the idea is for your
>text to be automatically broken into lines, as @quotation does, I fear
>there is no block command like @quotation which only indents on the
>left.  It wouldn't be hard to define, of course.  Do you just need a
>longer line width for some reason?

My document is really long (several hundred pages) so I'm trying to use
the available space efficiently. With @quotation there's a lot of blank space
left unused on the right hand side.

My document is made up of a sequence of several hundred function
descriptions in manpage style. Currently, the layout of such a page in
Texinfo looks something like this:

rxvt (ouR XVT) - a VT102 emulator for the X window system
@end quotation

rxvt [options] [-e command [args]]
@end quotation

rxvt is a colour vt102 terminal emulator intended as an xterm replacement
for users who do not require features such as Tektronix 4014 emulation and
toolkit-style configurability. As a result, rxvt uses much less swap space --
a significant advantage on a machine serving many X sessions.
@end quotation


As you can see from the example above, I'd just to like to have an indentation
so that the headings NAME, SYNOPSIS, DESCRIPTION, etc. appear
clearly separated from the descriptive text. This works fine using @quotation
but as I said the disadvantage is the indentation on the right side.... is there
really no other way to get a layout like this:

   foo bar
   foo bar
   This is an example descriptive text for foo bar. This should automatically
   wrap lines where necessary and align them in block mode.


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