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[help-texinfo] Help wanted to translate GNU Octave documentation into Ch

From: 龙永彪
Subject: [help-texinfo] Help wanted to translate GNU Octave documentation into Chinese
Date: Tue, 6 Mar 2012 14:02:17 +0800

Hello, I'm from China and I've been a GNU Octave user for sometime. It's a great
software that I use for daily computation. However I found there is little help
resources about GNU Ocave written in Chinese. So I want to participate Octave
Translation Project[1] which produce texinfo documentation in other languages.
The first obstacle I faced was that texinfo does not support Chinese!?

So I can't follow the instructions from Octave Translation Project[1].
Yet I haven't
done such work before. It's not so clear to me how to start such a translation
project, how to cooperate with others, how to make my work maintainable(I might
quit at some point), etc.

I want some help from you. I'd be very grateful if someone could give some
suggestions! :-)

ps: I have some experience in LaTeX


Best Regards

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