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[help-texinfo] IXIN 1.5 available

From: Thien-Thi Nguyen
Subject: [help-texinfo] IXIN 1.5 available
Date: Sun, 30 Dec 2012 18:06:56 +0100

release notes:

  Big news is TexinfoML V5.00 support.  Lots of other goodies, too.
  Settings detection/tracking will have to wait for next year...


README excerpts:

  IXIN is an EXPERIMENTAL distribution of EXPERIMENTAL code and
  some pre-built IXIN files.  IXIN stands for "indexed texinfo".

  All code is under GPLv3+.  All (.xml) docs are under GFDL.


  It defines a documentation file format and provides two simple
  tools to write and read, respectively, files in that format.

NEWS excerpt:

  - 1.5 | 2012-12-30

    - default now ‘-’ (hyphen)

        The following now default, if unspecified or unavailable, to ‘-’
        (hyphen).  In the first case (XID element), the previous default
        was the symbol ‘none’.  For the rest, no default was specified

        XID element

    - META COPYING default now ‘-’ (hyphen)

        This applies to copying.


        INVITATIONS is derived from all address@hidden and address@hidden
        commands.  If there are none, this is ‘-’ (hyphen).  Otherwise,
        it is a list that combines the (possbily zero) entries for each
        category.  An unspecified category is represented by ‘-’ (hyphen).

    - dropped POSITION in ‘float’ entry

        Form is now the minimal needed for address@hidden rendering:


    - whitespace normalization specified

        Yes, that invisible yet strangely ugly topic.  Sigh.

      - trimmed

        These elements should not "begin" with newline and
        should not "end" with whitespace.

        example     smallexample    verbatim
        lisp        smalllisp       quotation
        display     smalldisplay    para
        format      smallformat     pre
        flushleft   flushright      cartouche

      - s/newline/space/ for ‘para’

        Internal newlines not protected by ‘xml:space’ "preserve"
        should be changed to space.

    - new support for TexinfoML V5.00

        The DTDs from both Texinfo 4.13 and 4.13.92 are now in subdir
        dtd/, as 4.13.dtd and 5.00.dtd, respectively, and mkixin can
        handle either version, unifying handling (and thus output) for
        the most part.  Some unavoidable differences remain, due to
        fundamental changes in the DTD.  For example, in element ‘node’,
        V4.13 uses child element ‘title’, and V5.00 ‘sectiontitle’.

        Except for d/prob.xml and (new file) spec/z4.xml, the .xml files
        are now in V5.00 format.  In a future release, support for V4.13
        will be dropped.

    - META TITLEPAGE no longer specifes attribute ‘copying’

        It used to require ‘(@ (copying "copying"))’ to signal presence
        of child element ‘insertcopying’.  Redundant, noisy, bye-bye!

    - miscellaneous improvements in the spec document

      - expanded index

        The largely superfluous Program Index is now the Program and
        Doubt Index.  This is mostly to exercise address@hidden

      - "image inlining" moved to its own subsection

        It used to be part of "node data".

      - say "byte-length" instead of "length"

        Relatedly, the blocks are named foo-LEN, to save space.

    - internal references specified

        The SXML attribute ‘ixcc’ (IXIN cartesian coordinate) is used in
        various contexts to reduce duplication of forms in the nodes.
        This attribute is not in the DTD, but perhaps should be added.

    - "make check" in spec builds files in same dir

        Previously, ixin.ixin was built in ../d, but that's lame.

    - COUNTS TOP dropped

        The ‘Top’ node always has node identifier 0.

    - META ATTRS dropped

        The ‘xml:lang’ attribute is captured in META XID LANG, so META
        ATTRS is redundant.  Good-bye!

    - doc d/prob.xml includes element ‘anchor’

        This is in the (broken) style of makeinfo 4.13 and earlier,
        i.e., the value of attribute ‘name’ contains characters outside
        of [-_a-zA-Z0-9], the set for valid labels.

        See: (info "(texinfo) HTML Xref Node Name Expansion")

    - external reference targets (aka normalized labels)  specified

        If there are any labels (info "(texinfo) HTML Xref")
        then this new block appears after the sectioning tree.
        COUNTS now includes LABELS-LEN.

        Relatedly, util program retrieve has new command ‘show-labels’
        (also available via command ‘repl’, btw).  This displays a line:

        LABEL NID [WHAT]

        for each label, where WHAT, if omitted, implies ‘node’.  Try
        "make demo-zow" in c/ and "../c/retrieve ixin.ixin show-labels"
        in spec/.

    - support for "make try-STEM TRY=COMMAND"

        For example: "cd d && make try-rcs TRY=show-labels".

    - new doc: coreutils.{xml,sxml,ixin}

        This is from GNU coreutils Git repo, circa January 2012.  It
        features heavy @dircatalog / @direntry usage and general heft.

tarball, etc, in dir:

atom feed:

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