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Re: [help-texinfo] IXIN 1.7 available

From: Patrice Dumas
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] IXIN 1.7 available
Date: Sun, 20 Jan 2013 00:15:42 +0100
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Other comments

* for lang, why not using a string, taking whatever is the default (in
  general en and not en_US), and instead of a list using like "en_US", 
  (or maybe - if there is no language because of an error somewhere,
  not sure this may happen)?

* for title, there are 2 possibilities (in HTML), fulltitle and
  simpletitle.  fulltitle is 'settitle', 'title',
     'shorttitlepage', 'top' and then first 'titlefont'.
  simpletitle is 'settitle', 'shorttitlepage'.  What should be used

* in invitations should the CATEGORY really be a string, and not a 
  renderable sequence? 

  in invitations ENTRY, the title is optional, so I think that it 
  could be -, but otherwise should be a renderable sequence.  The node
  could be handled like any (external) node.  Which leads to how 
  should (external) nodes be represented?  I propose something along

  (label manual name)

  where label is a node label, A string whose characters are strictly
  from the set [-_A-Za-z0-9].

  manual is - for an internal node, and a string, the manual name
  (more or less the manual files) for an external node.

  name is a renderable holding the node name.

* I am not sure the vars are needed.  If they are, I think that the 
  name should be a string and not an identifier.

* for the toc, summarycontents and shortcontents are the same, so I
  think only one should be expected, here.  Also I think that it may
  make sense to have a bit more information, that is the node ids the
  contents or shortcontents appears in.  So something like

  ((contents [nid...]) (shortcontents [nid...]))

As I already said, I think that @documentdescription should be meta,
along with copying and titlepage.

I'll certainly have more comments as I implement the ixin format.

Do you wnat patches against the specification?


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