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[help-texinfo] Texi2pdf or texi2dvi --pdf

From: Petra Funke
Subject: [help-texinfo] Texi2pdf or texi2dvi --pdf
Date: Thu, 7 Mar 2013 13:36:17 +0100



i can´t generate a pdf and I can not find a solution somewhere.


I get this error:


texi2dvi --pdf dmSCRIPT.tex

You don't have a working TeX binary (tex) installed anywhere in

your PATH, and texi2dvi cannot proceed without one.  If you want to use

this script, you'll need to install TeX (if you don't have it) or change

your PATH or TEX environment variable (if you do).  See the --help

output for more details.


For information about obtaining TeX, please see  If

you happen to be using Debian, you can get it with this command:

  apt-get install tetex-bin


Can you help – sorry if i was to stupid to find the solution on your site. J

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