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[help-texinfo] Setting default image dpi using sphinx and texi2pdf

From: Alexandre Neto
Subject: [help-texinfo] Setting default image dpi using sphinx and texi2pdf
Date: Tue, 6 May 2014 10:56:16 +0100


My apologies if the following question is not clear or well formed, as I'm a complete newbie in this Latex matters.

In QGIS project [0], we are using Sphinx to create our documentation as HTML and PDF. (And at some point we convert tex files to PDF using texi2pdf)

We are having problem with figures (mostly QGIS screenshoots). If no size is set for each image, they will look fine in html, but they show a bit blurry in PDF.

I believe that the reason is because texi2pdf default DPI for images is 72. would like to set it to something like 135dpi, instead. I have read somewhere that I should use \pdfimageresolution for this; I tried to use it as:

latex_preamble = r"""\pdfimageresolution135"""

in the sphinx[1] file, but with no results.

Can anyone explain me if this is the right direction, or what is being done wrong?

Thank you very much

Alexandre Neto


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