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[help-texinfo] Using @table with @smalldisplay

From: Christopher Dimech
Subject: [help-texinfo] Using @table with @smalldisplay
Date: Thu, 9 Nov 2017 23:28:48 +0100

Dear hackers,

I want to create a table in small font, however when I use @smalldisplay or 
@smallformat, the description of each variable consists as though I am using 
@verbatim, where the output text of the environment is exactly as is (in the 
fixed-width font). Is there any way to solve this problem so the description
looks like a paragraph?
@table @var
  @item repository
    The @var{repository} argument gives a directory name, or a path to
    a directory, under the CVS root directory for repositories; if the
    directory did not exist, @var{import} creates it. A directory of
    that name gets created in the repository. The name identifies the
    collection of source code, the name under which you CheckOut the
    WorkingCopy from the repository.
  @item packagetag
    The @code{packagetag} is a tag for the entire branch.
  @item releasetag
    The @var{releasetag} uniquely identifies the files at the leaves
    created each time you execute @code{import}. The @var{releasetag}
    should be new, not previously existing in the repository file, and
    uniquely identify the imported release.
@end smalldisplay
@end table

Christopher Dimech
GNU Behistun Chief Administrator
- Geophysical Simulation
- Geological Subsurface Mapping
- Disaster Preparedness and Mitigation
- Natural Resource Exploration and Exploitation

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