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[help-texinfo] Latest texinfo.tex Usage

From: Paul Hardy
Subject: [help-texinfo] Latest texinfo.tex Usage
Date: Tue, 18 Dec 2018 05:28:51 -0800


I am preparing a package for release that uses Autotools and want to
place the latest recommended texinfo.tex file in the distribution
tarball.  The latest version of the texinfo package at is version 6.5, dated 2017-09-12 .
That directory also has a separate texinfo.tex file, with a later date
of 2018-03-10.  That version is not identical to the version in the
texinfo-6.5 package.  Do you recommend using that separate texinfo.tex
file in a new package release, or is it a beta version for testing?

Thank you,

Paul Hardy

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