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[help-texinfo] User defined sectioning numbers when using @unnumbered

From: Christopher Dimech
Subject: [help-texinfo] User defined sectioning numbers when using @unnumbered
Date: Wed, 2 Jan 2019 18:32:33 +0100

Dear Compeers,

I am using an @unnumbered chapter so it displays in the contents section
when I call @contents. Is there any way to add section numbers such as

@unnumbered 1 Preamble 
@unnumberedsec 1.1 Applicability and Definitions
@unnumberedsubsec 1.1.1 Verbatim Copying

However, rather than hardwiring the sectioning numerical sequence (e.g., 1, 
1.1, 1.1.1, ...etc),
is it possible to define some variables in another file and they then get 
replaced at the beginning
of the @unnumbered @unnumberedsec and @unnumberedsubsec names?

Define label--preamb, label--appldef, label--verbatim in some top level file

  @node license--unnumbered
  @unnumbered label--license License
  @include ./license--unnumbered.texi

  @unnumberedsec label--preamb Preamble
  @unnumberedsec label--appldef Applicability and Definitions
  @unnumberedsec label--copying Verbatim Copying
  @unnumberedsubsec label--cpinq Copying in Quantity

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