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[help-texinfo] Section numbers in filenames

From: Mike Gran
Subject: [help-texinfo] Section numbers in filenames
Date: Tue, 19 Feb 2019 07:09:32 -0800
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I had a need to make some plain text documentation where the
output is split up into multiple files, and I was pleased to find
that the --split options works for plain text texinfo output.  So
texinfo would be great, except that is isn't obvious how order the
output files, since the filenames are the section names.

One option would be to put the section numbers at the beginning
filenames, so that the files would sort alphabetically.

Another option would be to to create an index file that lists
the ordering of the output files.

I had a look at the code, but, it is a bit complicated, so I
wasn't sure where plain text filenames get created.  Could anyone
help me with this, or point me to the right place in the code to
do this myself?

I appreciate all the work that goes into texinfo.  Thanks in

Mike Gran

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