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Re: [help-texinfo] No index in PDF manual

From: Karl Berry
Subject: Re: [help-texinfo] No index in PDF manual
Date: Tue, 2 Apr 2019 16:51:37 -0600

    I have sent an email to ask about the version of texinfo.tex in gnulib, 

FWIW, I haven't been on bug-gnulib for a couple of years. (I'm not sure
where you sent it.)

Anyway, the answer is, until your mail to me of a couple days ago, I
copied texinfo.tex from git into gnulib. As has been done since CVS repo
days.  Now I am no longer doing that, and the gnulib texinfo.tex will
not be updated again until you tell me it should.

A new release of Texinfo can only help, but it won't be a full solution.
In practice, texinfo.tex is updated asynchronously from all else,
sometimes by years. In either direction.

How about this: in the new texi2dvi, pass something like \let\txidxat1
on the command line to TeX. Then, if that control sequence is defined,
the new texinfo.tex writes the idx files with @ chars. Otherwise it
continues to use the \ chars.

Admittedly it's ugly on several levels, but at least then I think there
would be a chance for people to use the new texinfo.tex with the old
texi2dvi, and vice versa.

    The only versions of texinfo.tex that should be used generally are 
    either those on, or those inside official releases.  

I can change gnulib to update only from the releases on
I guess I may as well go ahead and make that the rule now? -k

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