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[help-texinfo] Using @ref with two arguments

From: Christopher Dimech
Subject: [help-texinfo] Using @ref with two arguments
Date: Sat, 20 Jul 2019 05:06:26 +0200

I am getting quite confused on why would need @ref with two arguments.

Could not find an example when using two arguments is useful when using


This prints Section 1.1.2 [ccby--oth--rights]

@ref{ccby--scope, ccby--oth--rights}
This prints Section 1.1 [ccby--scope]

Is there a way to print the following
  Section 1.1.2 [d]
but the reference gets you at the anchor point rather
than to Section 1.1.2?

I am using texi2pdf.


The sectioning is as follows

@node free-lic
@chapter Free License

@node ccby--scope
@section Scope

@node ccby--lic--grant
@subsection License Grant

@node ccby--oth--rights
@subsection Other Rights

@enumerate a
@item Text
@item Text
@item Text

@item Text
@end enumerate

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