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[help-texinfo] Cross-references text localization with makeinfo

From: Rafael Fontenelle
Subject: [help-texinfo] Cross-references text localization with makeinfo
Date: Mon, 14 Oct 2019 10:27:35 -0300

I'm translating GNU Guix manual to Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR), and I
notice that occurrences of @pxref, @xref and other macros are being
converted to their English content (e.g. @xref{link} = See <link>) in
the translated document. I was expecting to see the conversion of
these macros to the translation language, in order to achieve
something like, e.g., @xref{link} = "Veja <link>".

Looking at the "texinfo_document" domain in TranslationProject[1] I
can see that the 'texinfo_document' translation file has strings like
"See {title_ref}" which I assumed once translated should make
`makeinfo' generate translated texts for such string (e.g. Veja
<link>"). However Brazilian Portuguese translation is 100% translated,
and this doesn't happen.


So, my questions: Does makeinfo localize the text of the
cross-reference to my language? If it should and is not working, what
should double-check for the culprit?

Please let me know if more info is needed.

Best regards,
Rafael Fontenelle

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