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(q.v.) in the emacs manual

From: Jean-Christophe Helary
Subject: (q.v.) in the emacs manual
Date: Sun, 12 Jan 2020 13:54:52 +0900

The glossary in the emacs manual has lots of (q.v.) to "refer" to other items 
in the glossary. Such references are not handled as hypertext links. They are 
just plain strings that require the user to manually search for the 
corresponding term.

Considering that texinfo only has 3 types of cross references and that none of 
them fits the requirements of "q.v." (i.e., just a link, no "strings" attached, 
no page number added, etc.) my idea is that the manual authors simply preferred 
to resort to this visual reference (just write "q.v.") and let the user find 
the reference manually rather than trying to create a solution in texinfo.

I found 2 q.v. in the Elisp Reference, 134 in the Emacs manual.

I tried using @ref and here is what I get:

Aborting means getting out of a [recursive editing], page 592.

I get the extra ", page 592" where I'd just be happy with "[recursive editing]" 
or even "recursive editing (q.v.)".

Aborting means getting out of a recursive edit.

Where "recursive edit" is a link to the anchor I added to "Recursive Editing 
Level". The HTML output is perfect.

terminal INFO:
Aborting means getting out of a *note recursive edit: recursive

I don't need the "*note" and the ":recursive editing". The link is sufficient.

Aborting means getting out of a see recursive edit

I don't need the "see" and it looks like there is an extra space before the 

"quod vide" is "used to direct a reader to another part of a book or article 
for further information." (Oxford Dictionary of English). It seems perfectly 
relevant to have such parts handled as short links in Texinfo.

I've been looking at the texinfo.tex file to see if I could do something there. 
Is that the right place to do that ?

Jean-Christophe Helary
----------------------------------------------- @brandelune

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