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Re: Macro introduces \par in Table of Contents

From: Gavin Smith
Subject: Re: Macro introduces \par in Table of Contents
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 2020 18:02:19 +0100

On Sat, Oct 3, 2020 at 2:32 PM Christopher Dimech <> wrote:
> With the following code it worked
> @uSubSec{@value{SecLb}, Probabilistic Characterisation of@
> Microseismicity}

Yes, that would look like it would work, as there is a single letter
control sequence "@NL" where NL is a newline character (see info node
"(texinfo)Multiple Spaces").

> But you are saying that it code breaks using a macro
> inside an environment like @example.
> However, relating to sections and subsections, @uSubSec
> won't be called in side an example.

Yes, but other macros may be.

> Can one do multiline titles using @unnumberedsec?

This is not supported and if it works, it works by accident.

> Does the multiline thing fail when using macros, or is the problem
> only related to defining sections?

It is because the @unnumberedsec command takes its argument on a single line.

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