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Re: Transforming XML or other intermediate representation of Texinfo; c

From: Robert Dodier
Subject: Re: Transforming XML or other intermediate representation of Texinfo; category system
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 2021 21:20:32 -0800

Hi Patrice, thanks a lot for your message.

I looked into the possibility of a Texinfo --> Texinfo XML -->
mogrifications --> Texinfo pipeline, but it looks like it's not going
to work. The translation from Texinfo to XML is lossy -- any
@ifsomething blocks are lost for something != xml. Likewise the
translation from XML back to Texinfo is lossy -- there doesn't appear
to be a way to recover macros which are present in the original
Texinfo and for which I can generate an XML tag; the XML tag (e.g.
<foo>bar</foo>) doesn't emit anything in the reconstituted Texinfo
(@foo{bar} would be ideal, but anyway, nothing is generated).

Given that, I can't see a way to treat Texinfo XML as an intermediate
representation of a document, suitable for transformations, except for
restricted-enough documents.

No fault on your part, I don't mean to assign blame or responsibility
or whatever, just saying that it's too bad, I can't figure out a way
to make it work. Thanks for your help all the same, I appreciate it.


Robert Dodier

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