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Setting fonts in texinfo

From: Michael Eager
Subject: Setting fonts in texinfo
Date: Thu, 30 Jun 2022 11:38:41 -0700
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I'm using the GNU texinfo package to generate both PDF and .info files from a .texi file.

I'm trying to update an old .texi file (not changed since 2001) and generate the same PDF output. I've resolved a number of issues, but there are a couple outstanding. In the old PDF, the title was in Helvetica and body text is Liberation Serif. In the new PDF, both are Computer Modern.

I've read everything that I can find about fonts, but I'm not able to change the fonts. Nothing that I do seems to work. Everything I have tried generates errors.

In my .texi file, before any \setfont directives, I have \def\fontprefix{uh} which, if I read the file correctly, should select the NimbusSanL font set (e.g. uhvr8a.pfb). I get the following errors:

mktexnam: Could not map source abbreviation for uhss10.
kpathsea: Running mktexmf uhss10
! I can't find file uhss10'.
<*> ...ljfour; mag:=1; ; nonstopmode; input uhss10`

Does anyone have a example .texi file which sets the font family to use?

Michael Eager

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