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Customizing html file names

From: Raymond Toy
Subject: Customizing html file names
Date: Sun, 14 Aug 2022 07:18:45 -0700

For a while maxima has been customizing the html file names that makeinfo uses.  Basically, the file names are of the form maxima_nnn.html or maxima_toc.html for the table of contents.

I would like to be able to change this so that the appendices or indices don't get a number.  Using the original names makeinfo would have used is fine.  I don't know how to do that, so some help would be appreciated.

Here is the current script that is used to get html file names:

# Make the output file names consist of the base name followed by a number.
use strict;

use vars qw($element_file_name);

my $file_nr = -1;

sub filename_simple($$$)
  my $converter = shift;
  my $element = shift;
  my $filename = shift;

  my $prefix = $converter->{'document_name'};
  # If we're not splitting, just return the name.
  if (!get_conf('SPLIT')) {
    return $prefix.'.'.$converter->get_conf('EXTENSION');
  if ($converter->element_is_top($element)) {
    # The table of contents file should be named this.
    return "maxima_toc.html";
  } else {
    if ($file_nr == 0) {
      return $prefix.'.'.$converter->get_conf('EXTENSION');
    } else {
      return $prefix.'_'.$file_nr.'.'.$converter->get_conf('EXTENSION');

$element_file_name = \&filename_simple;


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