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Re: l4-hurd

From: Neal H. Walfield
Subject: Re: l4-hurd
Date: 15 Jun 2002 22:47:28 +0200
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> > It has come to my attention that the principal designers of the Hurd
> > are not subscribed to the l4-hurd list.  This is fine.  My current
> > plan is to hold the design discussions on this list.  If you would
> > prefer another place, please let me know.
> Which "this list" did you mean?  

I meant "that list" which is to say address@hidden

> I just now subscribed to l4-hurd, which I am happy to receive
> assuming the volume is small.

Typically it has been.

> If you wanted to carry on discussions about L4-related issues on
> hurd-devel, I think that would be fine too.

I think using hurd-devel excludes the L4 people who could be a good
source of insight.

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