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Re: conditional compilation (or: makefiles again)

From: Roland McGrath
Subject: Re: conditional compilation (or: makefiles again)
Date: Wed, 21 Aug 2002 21:35:54 -0400 (EDT)

> It works to also add a "include ../config.make" into the Makefile before
> testing LIBNCURSESW.  Is that too clumsy?

I think it is ok.

> Would you fundamentally object against using automake and latest autoconf?
> (I know that Roland sticks with autoconf2.13, otoh, Debian has excellent
> auto-detection of the version of autoconf required plus a wrapper script
> that seems to do the right thing always).  I might be able to spent some
> time in working out the issues with that.

I don't have any fundamental objection at all, I have thought about it

What matters is the good features that the current setup has, i.e. dealing
with mig and all easily and having the automatic deps work with
mig-generated headers (-MG), and doing all this in a way that keeps the
subdir makefiles (or .am, whatever the source is) small and without
duplication.  There are other nits I am overlooking, I am sure.  But
Makeconf is really fairly short, so it can't be too much work to replace it
and the existing subdir makefiles with an automake thing.

Incidentally, I use autoconf 2.13 because libc needs it and noone has
wanted to contend with all the incompatible changes later autoconf made
that broke libc.  But I also use a system where the default autoconf and
automake installed are 2.13 and 1.4-p5, so it would be nice to have the
hurd sources be compatible with that if there is not a compelling need to
use newer features.

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