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NEWS file for mig 1.3.1

From: Jeff Bailey
Subject: NEWS file for mig 1.3.1
Date: Thu, 29 Aug 2002 20:36:12 -0700
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I'm just updating the NEWS file, but can't find any email to help
clarify the following ChangeLog entry:

2002-05-07  Roland McGrath  <address@hidden>

        * type.c (itMakeNaturalType): New function.
        (init_type): Use that instead of itMakeIntType for itWaitTimeType and
        itMsgOptionType--give them each their special typedef names.
        * routine.c (rtCheckArgTypes): Use itCheckNaturalType for rtMsgOption.

Can you suggest a line, or should it just fall under "Minor Bug

Jeff Bailey

I reincarnated for this?

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